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Virtual Tour Options

  • Custom Design

    Custom Design

    Every virtual tour experience is custom designed for YOU!

    Your branding, your colours, and a custom interface and navigation to suit your project.


  • Navigation


    Click and drag mouse control, navigation panel, drop-down menus, hotspots or cursor keys... By using different navigational options we can offer innovative ways to tour your location.

  • Custom Map and Floor Plan

    Custom Map and Floor Plan

    Whether your virtual tour location is a single building or spread out over a large area of land we can custom design a map or floor plan filled with hotspots.

  • Interactive Google Map with GPS

    Interactive Google Map with GPS

    Perfect for virtual tours spread over a large area - like a city - we can utilise GPS data to embed hotspots onto an interactive Google map.

  • Hotspots


    Hotspots are areas that create interactions within a virtual tour. They can be icons, arrows or images and can be used to navigate the virtual tour, open website pages, view video, images or text information.



  • Logo


    Brand your virtual tour experience with your logo on the floor at the very bottom of the virtual tour. Alternatively you can use this area for sponsors logos or a message for virtual tour user.

  • Flyers and Posters

    Flyers and Posters

    If your virtual tour image has a poster on the wall, leaflets on a service counter or flyers sitting on a table we can make them come to life with a single click.

  • Photos and Galleries

    Photos and Galleries

    Easily integrate photos into your virtual tours with a small stills gallery. Or we can even embed them into the content (in a hanging frame on the wall for example) and have them appear with a 3D effect.

  • Transition Effects

    Transition Effects

    We can incorporate different transitions from one virtual tour to another. Fade, spin, zoom... Whatever suits your virtual tour photography project.

  • Lens Flare

    Lens Flare

    Inject a little extra life into your virtual tours by adding lens flares to bright spots like sun glare on the windows or, if you’re outside, to the sun itself.

  • Video


    Embed short video clips that adapt to the 3D view of your virtual tour. We can superimpose video content on TV screens or animations on billboards.



  • Sound


    Add background music, ambient noise or sound effects to your virtual tours to further enhance the experience.

  • Smart Phones and Tablets

    Smart Phones and Tablets

    Our virtual tours are primarily created to work on desktop computers to make full use of the screen and faster loading times. However, we can also customise your virtual tour to work on any smart phone or tablet. Usually this is a "lighter" version to minimise data usage and increase loading time.

  • Product 360

    Product 360

    Why not have a 360 virtual tour of your product? Instead of viewing a room or location like our other VT's we can take your product, spin it around, and add hotspots to highlight the features.

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