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Blog / 29.08.2017

Big agencies can eat our dust.

Big agencies can eat our dust.
Merryn Nethercote
Web/Graphic Designer & Project Manager
4 min read

Think working with a bigger design agency will be more beneficial for your business? Stop living in the past people!

Small creative companies have surpassed their larger counterparts in a multitude of ways over recent years, and it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Small groups of us creative types are taking over Melbourne and the world. Finally, all businesses looking to make their mark can gain access to top-notch design at a more attainable level. Below are a few bargaining chips us lil’ ones have over the big guns…

You’ll be important

At a small agency no one is a cog in the machine, everyone is here to play a part in the success of your campaign. Large agencies tend to disperse a multitude of minor roles among their employees, making each individual less accountable and allowing them to feel less responsible for the end result. Counter to this, small studios hold less people more measurable to their work, ensuing a more harmonious and passion driven product.
360South takes time to get to know your business, the project manager, designer, developer, photographer and the rest of your personalized team will be there to communicate with you throughout the entire process. Want to know why the designer made that choice? You can speak to them directly! Get yourself a better end result by cutting out the middleman and letting the creators speak for themselves. Taking ownership is a valued part of a small team atmosphere and makes us more efficient. Enjoy the process by working with friendly faces and reap the benefits.

We have youthful determination on our side.

Large companies aren’t built in a day (hey hey); they slowly build and develop a system until they’ve obtained a standardized company model that works for them. Sounds safe doesn’t it. But the term ‘creative’ alongside the term ‘standardized’ is a bit of an oxymoron don’t you think? Who want’s to play it safe when it comes to getting your brand noticed?
Designers want to wow you, the entire goal when you pay us money is for your brand to attract attention and say ‘check me out, look what I can do!’, there’s nothing standard about that. In large-scale design firm’s repetition becomes commonplace and innovation is shunted aside in a bid to pull profits while exerting minimal effort. A big company has nothing to prove, they’ve already made it, and that’s not always a good thing. They’re generally well known, so they can coax more money from you and in return deliver an averagely mundane result.

Fear not, because small agencies are the antithesis to the machine; we fear the term ‘standard’ and yearn to create design that extends upon the needs of the individual and push boundaries.
Businesses looking for something refreshing, unique, and entirely their own – need to look no further than a small agency with big gusto like 360South. We hunger to make our mark, deliver something clever, and most importantly – extend upon your business goals to deliver the right result.

A foosball table does not a good agency make.

We all know the saying never judge a book by its cover; well in the case of a small digital agency this rings very true. The bigger the company, the flashier their office, but, don’t let the fake receptionist that fixes you a skinny latte blind you from the bigger picture. Yes the office visuals helps them make quite the impression, but, did you realize that those high fees your paying may not go towards getting you a better result? But rather funding that pool table in the company lounge room! Smaller agencies are less costly to run, thus lower overhead fees, meaning you can save money and still get what you want for your business just by looking beyond the material charade.

Talent by the tonne

Within a small group of creative’s there is no room for dead weight. Small agencies require dedicated, well-rounded and responsible designers who hold their own. By choosing a larger agency your running the risk of putting your business in the hands of people who don’t have the assortment of skills, passion, or familiarity with your businesses needs – meaning they may care less if you succeed or not. Never getting the opportunity to know the names of the people creating your work can mean you miss out on the chance to help them form a respect and bond with your business and the brief.
We are so proud, at 360South, of building a team of loyal and extremely capable people, whose number 1 concern is to work closely with you to deliver top quality designs that help your business reach its goals.


Make the right choice for your business and work with a small team with big ambitions, who make you the priority – going above and beyond to do an impressive job at the right price.


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