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Vinyl Flakes Australia, a leading provider of high-quality decorative flakes for seamless epoxy floors, approached us with a mission: to revamp their existing website and create a digital experience that reflects their innovative spirit.

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Our goal was clear—to build a website that not only showcases the beauty and versatility of Vinyl Flakes' products but also delivers a seamless user experience from start to finish. This meant rethinking the site's information architecture, enhancing the visual design, and incorporating a user experience that would engage visitors and guide them effortlessly through their journey.



When Vinyl Flakes Australia needed a new logo, we took inspiration from the core of their product—the unique shapes and patterns of vinyl flakes. The resulting logo mark is a stylized representation of a flake, carefully crafted to embody the precision and creativity that their products offer. This distinctive shape is complemented by modern typography, creating a cohesive and memorable logo that aligns with the company's innovative approach to flooring.



Our user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) empowers Vinyl Flakes Australia to keep their website fresh and up-to-date without relying on external assistance. With a simple interface and intuitive tools, the client can effortlessly update product information, add new case studies, and manage blog content.



In addition to the website redesign, we crafted an elegant A4 print brochure for Vinyl Flakes Australia, designed to capture the essence of their product range in a format that's as vibrant and engaging as their flooring solutions. This brochure serves as a tangible showcase of their unique styles, colours, and patterns, offering customers a closer look at the possibilities for transforming their floors.


Vinyl Flakes Australia



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