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Blog / 16.11.2018

Brand Aid

Brand Aid
Meredith Eldridge
Graphic Designer & Project Manager
2 min read

What is “branding” and why is it important?

What do you think of when you see each of these two ads?

brand 2

Both are stationery brands, but they evoke a very different feel. The first one probably makes you think of children, fun and playtime. The second one likely makes you think of business, professionalism and prestige. This is the effect of a strong brand - it visually describes your company’s personality to potential customers and creates loyalty from those who resonate with your characteristics.

More than just a logo.

An effective brand is much more than just a logo. It is the summation of all the things customers think and feel when they encounter your company. Adoring Apple fans go crazy for any new release, knowing their beau’s imaginitive new product will be sleek, smooth and stylish. These feelings toward the company don’t happen by accident. All of Apple’s products, packaging, stores, website and advertising are carefully curated so that every interaction with the company produces exactly their desired result - customer loyalty.

Brand designers are experts in helping your company look professional and reach the right audience. They will strategically choose colours, fonts, imagery style and design elements that not only look good but also create a particular image in the mind of your potential customers and give them a reason to choose your product/service over someone else’s.

Say what you mean, mean what you say.

It is important to have a consistent look and feel to all your company’s communication points. If your customer reads your predominantly blue brochure and then visits your website to find it’s all red, they’ll be confused — “Is this the same company? Am I in the right place?” Having consistent colours, fonts and design will help your customers feel assured that yes, this is the same company. If they’ve come accross your company before, perhaps in a different location, having consistent branding will help your customers recognise the business and remember their previous experience with you.

brand 3


A professionally designed brand also builds credibility. If your brochure looks like it was designed by your 14 year old nephew in Microsoft Paint, customers are not very likely to choose your product or service. Looking professional builds trust with your potential customers by helping you appear experienced and competant.

A cleverly designed brand personality can also give customers a reason to choose your product over the competition’s. A quick glance at the fridge in 7Eleven reveals that there are enough varieties of bottled water to sink a ship. So which one will I choose? The answer is: the one that appeals most to what I care about. The one adorned with pictures of fruit and vegetables to remind me that I’m making a healthy choice? The one that looks luxurious and premium? Or the one that makes a donation to charity with every purchase? Essentially, they’re all the same thing, but the subtle personality differences will influence customers to choose one over another.

So how do you build a brand your customers will love? At 360South we have a whole team of branding experts who love nerding out on the best colours, fonts and design to achieve exactly what you’re aiming for. We’d love to help bring your dream brand to life!


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