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Dream House Tips To Help Build Your New Website

Dream House Tips To Help Build Your New Website
Brian Babu
Dev Ops
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Tips to help build your brand.

As many of us may have experienced in real life (or perhaps from watching too much of the TV show ‘Love it or List It!’), there’s a variety of triggers that may lead to either renovating your house or building a new one. Similarly, in the world of websites there are various factors that may mean that it’s time to update your website, or better still, create a brand new one (or in fact, actually create one if you’ve never had an online presence before).


However, before we explore those triggers and the ensuing path of decisions and steps that follow, let’s get familiar with some basic website terminology by using a very simple and helpful ‘house’ analogy.

Domain name – this is the actual ‘address’ of your house (how you let friends/family/postal services etc) know where to find you

Web hosting – is like the land on which your house sits (although we usually think of this as static it’s not, as although uncommon, we’ve all seen a house being transported on an over-sized truck at some stage!)

Content management platform (CMS) – equivalent to the services/utilities that you can connect to your house e.g. gas/electricity; they get the same job done, just in a different way

SSL certificates (secure sockets layer, for those that feel they need to know what an acronym stands for!) – is like the fence surrounding your house property; it’s a fancy term for security, and you can go further and add virus detection too (akin to alarms or security cameras that you might choose to use for extra house surveillance

So, now that we’ve demystified some (yet not all, as this would be an exhaustive list) website terminology for you, and you’ve decided a new website is what you may like for your brand, the following steps will help you on your journey.




1. Ready for an upgrade?


  • Not enough rooms
  • Flow not right
  • Structural problems
  • Looking tired


  • Information overload
  • Not user friendly
  • Things breaking e.g. links
  • Looking tired

2. DIY (if you have the skills) OR Hire some experts


  • Project Manager (PM)
  • Architect
  • Builder/other trades


  • Project Manager
  • Web developer
  • Web designer


3. Plans and permits


  • Determine ‘must haves’
  • Create plan to fit goal/s
  • Get permits
  • Organise utility services


  • Set site objectives
  • Create new site structure
  • Get or renew domain name
  • Content mgt system (CMS)

4. Design


  • Number & types of rooms
  • Size of rooms
  • Look and feel
  • Colour scheme & materials
  • Appliances / furniture


  • Website pages
  • Content of pages
  • Style and theme
  • Colour palette and fonts
  • Text, images, videos etc.


5. Construction


  • Builder constructs to plan
  • Get building materials onsite
  • Actual permit approval


  • Web development to plan
  • Design & content upload
  • Development/Ops test site

6. Inspection and changes


  • Owner inspects
  • Owner advises PM of changes necessary to meet plan
  • Builder makes changes


  • Client tests
  • Client advises PM of any changes required
  • Team actions changes

Now that you’re armed with more knowledge about websites, and the steps to create a new one, you may still be feeling overwhelmed? That’s perfectly OK, as being a full-service agency, we’re equipped to take your website idea off your wishlist, and with the varied experts in our team working across web development, design, content, photography, video and more, bring your website into reality for you leaving you to plan a ‘house-warming’ to share your brand’s new home with customers and potential customers alike.

And lastly, like a new house, your new website is going to need maintenance to keep it sparkly and functioning as best as it can.

Here’s some website maintenance information if you’d like to take a read or stay tuned for the next blog in the series with tips to answer some FAQs.

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