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When a company like NYK has been around since the late 1800s, it’s essential that their digital communication stays up to date and reflective of the legacy of excellence they have maintained for over a century. With Australian operations continuing to grow NYK needed a new website to communicate relevant shipping information at a local level, while also representing their company principles.

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Stay On Schedule

The most important piece of information that NYK clients need is an accurate and up-to-date shipping timetable and clear communication of route offerings. This website by us at 360South features a shipping schedules page to which NYK can easily and quickly upload the most up-to-date shipping schedules, allowing clients access to schedules when they need them.

Alongside easy access to schedules, our designers and developers were excited to design an interactive shipping routes map. Just one of multiple active and engaging elements present throughout the website, this map gives clients a clear view of the routes and ports serviced by NYK across the globe. Crossovers are easily identified through the aesthetically pleasing dots, allowing customers to see if they can ship their freight entirely via NYK’s available routes.


Secure Digital Presence

As a globally present shipping partner for companies and stakeholders from a range of locations, NYK is incredibly security conscious when it comes to data and information. Security of their new Australian website was a high priority and we’re proud to have been able to meet those security requirements. As all our websites are hosted on secure servers, and our ongoing maintenance plans offer regular updates, we were comfortably able to facilitate the strict security requirements required. We were also able to facilitate extended hosting on our staging platform to allow for 3rd party Penetration Testing to ensure adherence to the highest security protocols before the launch of the website.


Engaging Aerial Panoramas

To create an engaging and modern experience, visitors to the NYK website are greeted by a hero video. Consisting of beautiful sweeping aerial shots, the video was shot on-site by our videographers and edited expertly for inclusion on the home page.

The use of aerial shots gives a rarely seen view of NYK Australia as well as providing the viewer with an impressive understanding of the size of their freighting offerings.



NYK Line



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