Conferences are renown for running a mile a minute. On top of the sightseeing and schmoozing there is so much to take in and a million people want to hand you pieces of paper that you will invariably misplace or throw away. That’s why Burson Auto Parts have revolutionised their conference ordering system to take it online, ready to order when their clients are.

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Ordering on the go

Special pricing is synonymous with conferences and conventions but sometimes you’re not ready to order while you’re standing at a booth. Burson Auto Parts with 360South have solved this through the creation of a Progressive Web App that can be accessed by a QR code allowing ordering from a mobile device at any time.


Complete Client Control

With a full Content Management System Burson Auto Parts have full control to update and add products as the conference progresses. Using pre-existing account numbers allowed the app to check that the purchaser was an existing client with an active account, while cart functionality allowed clients to build up a list of products over time before purchasing.


A Pocket Platform for Sales

Lighter than an online shop platform, with no need to deal with payment gateways, the Burson Auto Parts Conference PWA is fully branded with a product filtering option which makes it super simple for conference goers to see what products are on offer. Providing Burson Auto Parts on the fly flexibility in their conference offerings the Conference PWA was the perfect way for conference goers to take home a brochure of specials without having to carry anything extra.





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