Australian Defence Apparel

Modernising an apparel legacy 

With their history of supplying uniforms to the Australian Defence Forces dating back to 1914, Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) has been an essential part of our Defence landscape for more than a century. Whilst ADA lead the field in uniform innovation their digital presence needed an overhaul to truly represent the full extent of their offerings. We were proud to collaborate with ADA on their digital overhaul creating a stunning new flagship website for this uniquely Australian organisation.

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More than sales

As proud suppliers to Defence forces, emergency services and law enforcement ADA holds strong values in how it conducts business. While the retail options and information were an essential part of their new website, it was just as important for the site to demonstrate their commitment to highly ethical, safe and environmental standards whilst exhibiting their diverse and talented workforce and the positive contribution they bring to the countries and communities in which they work.



Synonymous with defence, ADA saw it as essential that the website clearly outlined their full capabilities to provide modern uniform solutions to a range of industries. Providing an Applications section not only helps improve SEO but also allows a user to easily see the detailed understanding ADA has of the unique needs of each industry along with the innovative solutions ADA provides. The use of horizontal sliders provides interactivity and minimizes the vertical scroll to produce a streamlined page without compromising content.

Process Driven

While innovation and quality are easily seen in ADA products part of their benefit is their customisable, process driven methodology. Like 360South the ADA see their process as the foundation of a successful relationship. In the product Development and Apparel Systems section, 360South designers collaborated with ADA staff to map out the process flows and create a unique way for a reader to take in the process with an over view or dive deep into each area to reach a high level of understanding.


Get Animated

Getting attention is something ADA is used to doing. From their early years helping to shape the iconic digger design to innovating in reflective materials to keep emergency workers safe ADA have never shied away from being seen, and with this in mind ADA asked for something to help their logo make a lasting impression. Not wanting to diminish the serious industries ADA work with or hold a viewer too long the animation team created a stylized and dynamic animated introduction to the ADA logo and brand.


Uniquely Australian

Just as important as their heritage and their ethics, ADA pride themselves on their Australian-based manufacturing plant. We were able to use 360-degree photography to create a full virtual tour of the facility that highlights to all visitors the full scope of ADA’s operations. As a proud and accountable business venture this ability to beautifully highlight their flagship plant was an opportunity their team were excited to engage, and one we are proud to have undertaken, especially given the quality of the result!


Achievements in Vision

For this website it was clear that ADA needed a final solution that was uniquely theirs. With brand recognition and the bolstering of their longstanding legacy at the forefront of their needs it was important that their final digital product reflected the unique position they have held for decades. The team at ADA were ready to work with us and we are proud of the communication and commitment to collaboration that was present for this design project and, as a result, the final website is a triumph of user experience and engaging design.


Australian Defence Apparel



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