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  • 3D Animation
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Australia’s power needs are changing. Today’s power systems won’t be enough to keep up with tomorrow’s demands. Power production and distribution today works on a “centralised” model – where all consumers rely on a few large companies for mining, manufacturing, storage and distribution of electricity, natural gas and oil. But what if, in the future, consumers could shift away from these conventional power utilities in favour of independent and renewable power production like solar panels? And what if more people could be part owners of this distributed infrastructure and share the rewards of investment? Heliogrid is pioneering solutions and building critical assets for the grid of tomorrow, as we move towards “decentralisation.”

A grid for
the future,
a brand for
the future

When creating the Heliogrid logo and brand, our designers were committed to creating a result as innovative and future-focussed as the Heliogrid model. The Heliogrid logo is designed to be adaptive, meaning it does not only take one form but can be reshaped and rearranged into any number of different formations, yet still recognisable. This modern logo design trend is ideal for digital technologies which are constantly changing at a rapid rate. It allows your logo to be flexible and change with design trends without needing a full rebrand.

The individual segments of the Heliogrid logo represent decentralised power nodes – independent energy production sites powering and owned by local communities. The font and colours are sturdy, reliable and professional, building trust with the target audience.

360South also created an inspiring animated video explaining the Heliogrid concept and the need for distributed energy markets. An animated video is the perfect medium to explain a complex topic as concepts can be represented visually and introduced sequentially, maximising the audience’s comprehension. The video is dynamic and engaging, visually impressive and informative, the perfect tool to launch the Heliogrid brand.




  • 3D Animation
  • Branding


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