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They produce oxygen, absorb CO2, reduce air temperature, provide shade, encourage people to recreate outdoors, decrease stress, provide habitat for wildlife and improve water quality – it’s easy to see the benefits trees offer us. But Melbourne’s western suburbs fall in a rain shadow, resulting in lower tree coverage and creating a heat island effect which impacts the health of the population in the region. The One Million Trees project by Greening the West involved the planting of, you guessed it, one million trees throughout Melbourne’s western suburbs.

The Millionth Tree

Greening the West invited 360South to be present for the planting of the one millionth tree, completing their 4-year endeavour. We were proud to document the story of this important environmental and social project with the power of video. In addition to the environmental benefits, the enormous task created a flurry of community involvement and connection with thongs of volunteers coming out to help reach the target.

To document this project, our video team embarked on a multi-location shoot and also created some impressive drone footage. We conducted interviews with multiple leading subject matter experts from the many stakeholder organisations working together on this project.

At 360South we love documenting engaging and worthwhile stories like this. Video is a powerful and emotive medium to reach your audience. If you have a story to tell, get in touch today to find out how 360South can help.


Lead West


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